This is the page where you are apply to apply for staff on MossyCraft!

1. You must be at least 14 years old.
2. You must be able to contribute at least 7 hours a week on the server.
3. You must be honest in your application!

If you are found out to be lying in your application you will be denied instantly as well as banned from applying for staff again for a further 30 days. Following this, if you ask how your application is doing / asking for staff to view your application you will be banned for 30 days from applying from your position.

Once the applications are closed, this is when we will begin to review applications! All applications will be read, and your success will be dependent on how well you have filled your application. We aim to give all players who have applied a response to their application within 14 days of us closing applications. If your application is successful, there is a chance that you may be pulled into an interview on discord.

Being a staff member isn’t all fun and games. You have responsibilities once you are accepted onto the staff team. Your activity must reach a certain level, there is methods in place where you can state if you are needing time off, and we are flexible with it. On top of this, you are to help all players no matter what! Once you join the MossyCraft staff team, you are a face of the server, meaning people associate your acts with the server.