The MossyCraft Network is a newly opened minecraft server network! We have a range of experiences for different types of players.

Originally starting off as a survival server, we still have the experience available for our players! Build with friends or alone, battle out to become the richest person on the server. With unique features to change it from a regular survival experience. Sell items to other players using chest shops, or have a custom pet of any mob! MossyCraft survival is a unique experience for you and your friends!

For our more competitive players, we have newly released a faction server! Join with other people, to battle it out to become the number one faction. Battle it out with the other players multiple times a day at a King Of The Hill event! We also have custom enchants to make sure that no two pvp fights are the same!

We are also constantly expanding our network, with a new game mode already in the works! Join MossyCraft, to get an experience you will not get anywhere else!